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The Deep

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Our incredibly talented Managing Director John Varah has written a beautiful poem especially for Burning the Clocks 2013.
Full fathom five
The waters part
We slip below
Full Fathom five we fall
The sunlight fades
Our breath does slow
Full fathom five we go
And there we stay in deepest dark
To wait that cold embrace.
And there we stay in darkest deep
In hope of signs   …Continue Reading

Its time to announce the Burning the Clocks 2013 theme!

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This years theme for Burning the Clocks is…………….. ‘The Deep’!
The Deep refers to the fathomless depths of the sea, to the unknown and unimagined, and to the deep feeling that the oceans and seas evoke in the human spirit. Burning the Clocks is a lively celebration of the turning of the year but also a   …Continue Reading

Same Sky is now on Instagram!

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We are now on Instagram and will be posting lots of lovely pictures of our upcoming events including Burning the Clocks 2013. To add us search SameSkyBTN. If you’ve got any lovely pictures form of our past events please feel free to post them on our facebook page or email them to and we can   …Continue Reading

Burning the Clocks ice cream is BACK!!!!

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The taste of Brighton’s unique seasonal celebration, Burning the Clocks, has for the second year running, been captured in an ice cream.
Boho Gelato, an award-winning handmade Italian ice cream parlour based at Pool Valley, has re-launched our flavour – chocolate, cinnamon and blood orange with fig ripple – and will be selling it until the   …Continue Reading