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The City by John Varah

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The City

With heart and soul aflame
We take to City Street
In word, in deed, in name
We make the year complete
Where is it that we live
Where is it that we love
Sounds of revels swell
As music fills the air
Of drum, of horn, of bell
We dance without a care
This is where we live
This is where we love
Bright veins of light do flow
As sea laps stony shore
A gasp, a clasp, a glow
Down crooked street we pour
This is How we live
This is How we love
In lantern light so clear
We pass it to the fire
A wish, a breath, a tear
To shape a years desire
The city’s where we live
The city’s where we love
As time begins again
By John Varah, Artistic Director of Same Sky