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Temporary Public Art

  • The "Pink Pavilion" to celebrate Brighton Pride

  • Sculpture trail through Owlbeech and Leechpool Woods

  • "All Flags Flying" at Brighton Marina

  • Light intallations for Whispering Woods

  • "Fire Garden" fire sculptures in Crawley

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At Same Sky, we enjoy temporarily transforming spaces to open up new ways of thinking, helping people to enjoy their environment and feel happy. We can “dress a space”, outdoor or in, using lighting, flags, sculptures or other materials.

For instance, we turned the iconic Brighton Pavilion pink for one week as part of Brighton and Hove Art Commission’s ‘City Lit’ and to celebrate Brighton Pride. We also curated a trail of natural artwork, through Owlbeech and Leechpool Woods in West Sussex, using willow, stone and wood, to encourage people to visit the area. And we created light installations for Whispering Woods, an event that allowed visitors to wander through a beautifully lit woodland landscape as ten West Sussex choirs sung out.