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Volunteering at Burning the Clocks

Can you help us?

The nights are drawing in and we are fast approaching the winter solstice and the annual lantern parade, Burning the Clocks.  If you haven’t been to the event, Burning the Clocks is a community celebration with around 2000 participants and a myriad of incredible lantern creations.  The parade works its way through the town centre to a fantastic fiery finale on the beach.

Every year Same Sky relies on the generosity of the general public making donations during the event to ensure it can continue.  To do this we need enthusiastic, confident people like you to get among them and collect their donations!  Know other lively people who can help?  Please do send this on to your trusted friends and colleagues.  Come with your friends, get in the thick of it and see who can collect the most!

What do you need to do?

  • Offer 2.5 hours of your time on 21st December.
  • Give us your name, address and mobile number in advance.
  • Arrive at 5.30pm on the 21st with your mobile.
  • Have a short briefing about collecting – how to raise as much as possible, where to go and being safe.
  • Take a numbered bucket, a coat with fairy lights and a badge to put on.
  • Use your charm and tenacity to get as many donations as possible!
  • Hand in your bucket at the end of the show.

Who do you need to contact?

Please send your name, home address and mobile number to as soon as possible.  We need these details to meet the collection licence and our safety requirements, but all your details will be subject to data protection.

Photo credit Heather Buckley

Photo credit Heather Buckley