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What We Do

What we do

Same Sky is the largest community arts charity in the South East. Our portfolio includes projects large and small and everything from street parades to water-based theatre, carnivals to choreography; sculpture trails to fire and light spectaculars.

We offer a complete event management service, either single element or whole project and with costumes and drama, puppets and light, arts innovation and events expertise, we can make an event or project come alive.

Every step of our creative process is about bringing people together, encouraging equality and belonging through a shared experience of art, and creating moments of magic that will feed the imagination for a long time after.

We advise on community outreach and social cohesion, building connections with people who’ve never been involved with art before, and those in vulnerable or hard-to-reach groups in the community. We work with them to develop creative skills and talents, and show them how art can change their everyday life.

Finally, we want to pass on what we love about being creative and leave people with the passion and practical skills to develop their own projects. Through creative workshops we empower teachers, children and community groups to make pieces of art and stage their own artistic events and parades.